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#10 Ways to Spoil your Wife: Talk to Her

Yeah, I know it’s hard for us men to talk. But this is a sure fire way to get to know your wife. Make sure that you just not talk but [...]

#9 Ways to Spoil your Wife: One SMS Love Notes a Day

Remember those days when you were still writing love notes to your special someone. Now, with the help of modern technology you can send swe [...]

#7 Ways to Spoil your Wife: Collect Gift Checks (GC) for the whole year

This will give a grand shopping spree for your wife. Which she will feel that she is your princess. A Php1000 worth of GC from a department [...]

#6 Ways to Spoil your Wife: Buy her RJ Ledesma's I Do or I Die by RJ Ledesma

She will truly Love the book. But this might backfire so be very careful. She might ask you how come RJ manage to have a grand proposal to h [...]

#5 Ways to Spoil your Wife: Surprise Her with a Bouquet of her favorite flower

A bouquet of flower always strike a spot on a girls’ heart. Especially if it is coming from someone they Love. So flex those plastic c [...]

#4 Way to Spoil your Wife: Cook for Her

As a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but to your wife is to be the Queen of your Home. Serve her a breakfast in bed, pre [...]

#2 Way to Spoil your Wife: Do the Laundry

Let her have a relaxing day not doing the heavy laundry. We all know that doing the laundry is a girlish thing to do. But do it any way. T [...]

Ways to SPOIL your Wife

Last Sunday, I bought a book titled “101 Ways to Spoil your Wife” by Ron Brown. A very straight to the point book telling how hu [...]
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