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Lunch out at Aristocrat San Pablo – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 3

After a short stop at the San Pablo City Cathedral we push through to our destination. Its only a few minute drive from the church Aristocrat Restaurant at Ultimart Mall.
Aristocrat San Pablo

Aristocrat San Pablo standy

After navigating along the mall, we found a familiar face welcoming us inside for lunch.  Wait a minute I know her.

It is great to see restaurant using familiar faces that are easy to approach and to talk to.

After ordering our lunch we took some time to take some photos and get connected to the web. Continue reading Lunch out at Aristocrat San Pablo – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 3

San Pablo Cathedral – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 2

First stop, San Pablo Cathedral (St. Paul the First Hermit Cathedral)

After travelling for almost 2hrs  from Aristocrat (main) to San Pablo City, Laguna via SLEX , we stop at the San Pablo Cathedral for some sight seeing and to stretch our legs. Continue reading San Pablo Cathedral – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 2

Breakfast at Aristocrat Restaurant – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 1

It started early in the morning (yesterday), and i rode my bike to Makati to meet up with a good friend to join him and other bloggers for a day long Food-tastic Journey to the South.

Our first stop is The Aristocrat Restaurant along Roxas Blvd. a place I only heard since I was a child but have not a pleasure dining with them.

Pinoy Foodie
while waiting for the others

But now not only I will be dining at the main branch but with their very own Ms. Nancy Reyes (the face of Aristocrat).

Ms. Nancy and Ms. Maryjo
Ms. Nancy and Ms. Maryjo

Continue reading Breakfast at Aristocrat Restaurant – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 1

Review: Sierra Hills Exotic Garden Restaurant Laguna

Coming from a long ride from our road trip from Angono to Quezon and back. We stop for lunch at Sierra Hills Exotik Restaurant located at Kalayaan Laguna.

The Exotic Garden Restaurant is a very popular place with the locals and for people who love local exotic foods.

The place is easily compared to another exotic restaurant at Angono, the Balaw-Balaw Restaurant which is also an art museum.

But the Sierra Hills Exotic Garden Restaurant has its own center piece. It’s garden inspired and mini zoo of exotic animals for their patrons and customers.

From the parking lot, you can already see how beautiful the place is. Lots of trees and flowers decorated on the place.

A beautiful garden view

From the first steps you make in the Sierra Hills Exotic Garden Restaurant you will find yourself transported to a place where relaxation and nature are one and enjoy succulent food.

A man-made mini water falls from the balcony of your table

We tried some of their exotic foods like the Ginataan Kuhol, Ginataang Pating, and Tinolang Manok for the other who does not prefer those said delicacies.

Ginataan Kuhol (Escargot on coconut milk)

The Ginataang Kuhol was wonderful! The spiciness of the gata (coconut milk) was enough for non-spicy food lover, but I would prefer a little more kick in it.

The last time I ate one of this was when I was still in grade school. My Father would collect them on our next door lot. We usually have them after a storm has passed by.

Ginataan Pating

The Ginataang Pating was also good.

Though it was not as I hope them taste like. The fish meat was a little bit soft and bland to the taste.

Well, this is the first time I ate Pating meat so this might how it really is.

Chicken Tinola

The Tinolang Manok was wonderful. Nothing can really beat the taste of chicken soup.

A glorious garden view your dinning

This is the life. A wonderful meal, a beautiful view in a peaceful and quite afternoon.

Telephone: (049) 820-0086,
fax: (049) 820-0187.
Email: exotiksummit@yahoo.com

St. John the Baptist Church of Calamba

St. John the Baptist Church (front view)

When I was invited by a friend for his wedding at Calamba. I also took the opportunity to  go around and visit the St. John the Baptist church.

Which was also the place of ceremony for the wedding.

The new refurnish altar of St. John the Baptist

I went a day early for the wedding to have more time to go around.

Tour Outside the Rizal Residence
Calamba City Giant Claypot

Established in 1859, it was the christening site of Jose Rizal. The original baptismal font has been preserved and refurbished. Reconstructed by Fr. Eliseo Dimaculangan after it was burned by the Japanese during WWII.

St. John the Baptist Church

From the outside, you can tell that it is no ordinary church. It magnificently stand in the middle of the City where the ancestral house of Jose Rizal is just located on the next corner.