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Complete Work-out At Your Home

You don’t need to spend so much to be fit. The following exercise program will give you a complete work-out to a more fitter you in th [...]

Eat Healthy… Enough Sleep… and Stay Active…

Yeah, everyone is into the healthy living stuff today (including me). Running, going to the gym, biking, badminton and swimming for other wh [...]

5lbs after Two Weeks with L-Men Diet Pack

WOW… I lost 5 lbs after two weeks. I can’t believe it. I lost 5 lbs after two weeks. You may be asking, what’s the big dea [...]

Harder the Second Time Around…

The hardest thing to do, is to start all-over again on something that is hard to start in the first place. Yes, even I read it three time ju [...]

Fight Aging Join the Immuvit’s Run Against Time Campaign

I can say that many people are starting to feel the effects of aging much earlier compare to normal. This maybe cause by the changing atmosp [...]

Be fit these Holy Week

This Holy Week, most of us will be busy organizing there out-of-town trip with family, friends or by themselves just to escape the busy ci [...]

Cardio vs. Weights/Resistance training

Which of the tow are the best training regimen for me? Can I only do one and not the other to loss fat? Which is the easiest? Many people ar [...]

Importance of Playtime for our KIDS

Kids today are more techie and are engage in non-physical activities. They are usually glued to their PSP, Nintendo DS or their Playstation. [...]

Things to know before starting your workout regimen

Having an active lifestyle is good for your health. It not only strenghten your body but also a release for the entire daily stress that an [...]
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