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Complete Work-out At Your Home

You don’t need to spend so much to be fit. The following exercise program will give you a complete work-out to a more fitter you in the comfort of your own home.

10 Push-up; is a great upper body exercise that you can do everywhere, anytime. It will help you develop your triceps and shoulder area and strengthen your mid section. It’s also a good posture development exercise if your doing it right.

Push-ups the total body exercise

15 Abdominal Crunch; is a upper abdominal strengthening exercise. Yes this is a strengthening exercise and not a belly fat buster that you have carried over the years. For that you will need another program. But sit-ups can help you a stronger abdominal muscles.

25 Military Squat; is a thigh tightening exercise. This will help you be more flexible in other more serious body workout or cardio exercise you plan to do.

80 Jumping Jack or Jump-ropes; is a great cardio workout that everyone knows how to do. Simple and easy is the word for this workout. You can adjust how high, how fast and how rigorous you want it to be.

Jumping Ropes: Cheapest but Effective way to lose weight

10 Lunge/ leg; is a thigh and calf strengthening exercise. This will give you a more leaner and sexier lower muscles.

Do the program in 3 sets, every other day to give your body time to rest and develop. Do this for a month and I guarantee you that you will see a big difference in your posture, flexibility, stamina and body muscle.

Note: you will surely have muscle pains the next day, that’s why the program is for every other day.

Eat Healthy… Enough Sleep… and Stay Active…

Yeah, everyone is into the healthy living stuff today (including me).

Running, going to the gym, biking, badminton and swimming for other who don’t want to stress their muscles and joints. But basically it boils down to one thing, everybody wants to be healthy.

But for others who actually don’t have the financial means to be a member to a gym, or buy a bike or afford to have a good badminton racket but wants to be fit and healthy. How can they join the Fit and Healthy train.

Are You to Busy to Exercise

Here are 3 basic ways to be Fit and Healthy

Eat healthy

Have a low glycemic diet that can help maintain your sugar level by controlling your carbohydrates intake. Base on a study conducted in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), that having a low glycemic diet is a better way rather than low-fat diet for those trying to achieve lasting weight loss.

Remember that eating healthy is not restricting yourself with delicious food but eating in moderation. Depriving yourself with the pleasure of eating is a punishment and this will backfire on you.

Practical Ways to Loose Weight

Enough sleep

Sleep deprive individuals are the first to be tempted to stop their healthy path and go back to the dark and depressing life they once had. One of the most recommended way to be healthy is to have a good sleeping habit and always have a good night sleep.

A Good Night’s Sleep 6 Beneficial Facts
Wake up on TIME

Be active

You don’t need to be a member of a gym or lift those heavy dumb-bells to be fit. There are many ways to be fit like walking your way to fitness or get yourself jumping ropes: cheapest but effective way to lose weight. There are other ways to be active you just need to give it a try.

Exercise motivation for you
Make your own Exercise Program and STICK with it!

5lbs after Two Weeks with L-Men Diet Pack

WOW… I lost 5 lbs after two weeks.

I can’t believe it. I lost 5 lbs after two weeks. You may be asking, what’s the big deal its only two lbs in two weeks. It not like 10 or 20 lbs.

Well, let me clarify mt statement. I lost 5 lbs in two weeks without lifting any gym equipment or running for 2 hours. Didn’t even ride a bike or have a 30 minute walk. Just a simple diet plan with L-Men Diet Pack.

Now do you understand why I’m so hype about it. All of us know how hard to loose weight so loosing 3, 4 or 5lbs is a great achievement. This is a starting point for more good things.

The L-Men Diet Pack is balance in nutrition, controlled calories, high-protein and low in fat, and it also contain L-Carnitine. Which help in burning fats in our body.

I replaced my breakfast and dinner with a warm glass of L-Men Diet Pack everyday. Have a regular lunch and snacks between meal.

Now, I will be adding some light weight exercise and short burst running for 30 minutes every other day. This will improve my weight lose program and decrease my weight.

Will have an update after 2 weeks.

Harder the Second Time Around…

The hardest thing to do, is to start all-over again on something that is hard to start in the first place.

Yes, even I read it three time just to understand what I wanted to say.

Last weekend I was invited by Total Fitness Magazine (a leading health and fitness magazine in the Philippines) for a weekend adventure get-away at Subic. I said YES! what do you think I will pass a chance like this.

Read it in my previous post.

True to their words, it was a two days full of activities and fun and activities. We were truly active the whole time we were there. Because of that, I pushed myself to start lifting weights once again. Now, my body aches so much. Well I exaggerated a bit, but it still hurts.

That’s why I said “The hardest thing to do, is to start all-over again on something that is hard to start in the first place.” Because I already pushed myself a year ago to go to the gym.

Got a good result back then. I started weighing around 210 lbs and brought it down to 190 lbs after 6 months. It was a great success for me. But the holiday came, then work load piled on, then one reason after another not to go to the gym.

Now it deja bu all over again. But, this time I’m also running, so this will give twice the result I got the last time.

I know this will be harder than the first time but its all worth it. I have an issue of Total Fitness Magazine at my side and a lot of determination to reach my goal. A sponsorship for my blog from Total Fitness.

Fight Aging Join the Immuvit’s Run Against Time Campaign

I can say that many people are starting to feel the effects of aging much earlier compare to normal. This maybe cause by the changing atmosphere, a stressful work life, and for the most of us is the lack of physical activities.

If you are having trouble catching your breath after climbing or going down the stairs or having trouble walking to get a glass of water. Then you might want to think about it.

If that is the case, then I invite you to join the IMMUVIT’s Run Against Time on August 21, 5 PM at Bonifacio High Street–to know the many ways by which you can defy aging.

Run Against Time, a campaign

The campaign will be composed of an exciting and educational activities focusing staying fit and healthy.

According to Valerie Sison: Assistant Brand Manager of Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp.;  “Run Against Time aims to encourage everyone, especially adults, to be active and improve their lifestyle to feel better and slow down the effects of aging”.

The first part is a lecture that is led by US-Certified Coach Jim Saret who will discuss “Workout As The Fountain of Youth” and “Living Within The Parameters of Youth”. Then he will share his 600 calories burning Four-Minute Workout that he developed.

The second part of Run Against Time is a 1.5K to 3K cardiovascular endurance training run with national running champions Cris Sabal, Aileen Tolentino, Merecel Maquilan, and Isidro Villadosal.

IMMUVIT, as a food supplement

According to IMMUVIT website:

IMMUVIT is a product of evolution; it is a dietary supplement that contains the real RPC Korean Ginseng formula with Siberian Ginseng extract. Ginseng has a 5,000 year history of helping ancient oriental and Russian people to better health with greater vigor and clearer minds.

IMMUVIT has an especially high effect in improving vitality, physical and mental energy. Also, Coenzyme Q10 known as CO-Q10 is an ingredient in IMMUVIT that is a natural nutrient essential to the life and health of every living cell.

IMMUVIT is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants that help the body build a stronger immune system and fight free radicals that cause cell damage. With the sporadic climate change that we are experiencing right now. It’s better to be safe and be ready.

Be part of Run Against Time and know how to make health and fitness a way of life. The first 100 participants to register should email their name, age, address, and contact details to chriscahilig@gmail.com to get their free running singlets.

Run Against Time is also made possible by Runnr and Avida Land Corp. See posters for more details.