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Accident Insurance: Does your School Have it?

It was a surprise that I didn’t know about it. The most surprising part of it, I was told that even when I was in High School I too have one. Don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s the Accident Insurance  your child’s school have for your kid/s. If you don’t know about it, don’t worry you’re not the only one. I don’t have the official statistic about it but I would say that 8 or 9 of of 10 parent don’t know about it. If they do they don’t care about it due to the usual headache that comes when your claiming for it. Continue reading


Lunch Under The Mango Tree

Last Wednesday June4, we had a team lunch from the office. We this kind of event we try to look for a new place or a common place we hadn’t dine yet.

Mango Tree The Fort

This time we choose the Mango Tree at The Fort . So we made reservation a day before so that things will go smoothly and not have any issue like no tables are available scenario. 
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E-plus Card Tied with SM Taytay Cinema Tickets

E-plus Card Tied with SM Taytay Cinema Tickets. For those who didn’t realize it, but wondering why you got another e-plus card (if you already have one) or a new e-plus card? Then you are not alone. You are one of many who got a surprise just by watching the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

I Also Had to  Buy the E-Plus Card

20140505_174623Last Sunday, my youngest son and I went to SM Taytay to see a movie. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is showing and it was long been requested by my son for us to see the movie. So we went early for the first showing so that we can go home early as well. Continue reading