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Overcharge Battery is not Warranted

Last year I got a new Samsung Galaxy S4 from Globe Telecom when I renewed my plan. But it seems my new phone is not built like my old phone. There are some special care that needs to be done.

What I mean is that its to delicate that leaving your phone charging overnight is not advisable. Or basically¬†overcharging your phone will cause irreparable damage to the battery.¬†So bad it will swell up and cause issue with the my Samsung mobile phone and will die out even if still have power in it. But that’s not the worse of it, some cases it melted the charging port of the phone which totally damage.

I got the less severe case. But still it is very frustrating.

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My Checklist For A Long Morotcycle Ride

Last week-end my friends and I went on a long ride from Angono, Rizal to Pagbilao and back using San Pablo Laguna as out route back home. It was a great ride, lot of things to see and food we ate. But everything could have been ruin if a bike incident would have happen. In order to prevent any motorcycle accident better check that you ride is in tip-top condition.

Checklist for a Long Bike Ride

Tune up the Bike

It’s always a good thing to have a tuned-up bike for your everyday ride. But to be sure when going on a long ride to somewhere. Better to bring your bike to a specialist and have it tune-up. So that every parts is working right, every joint is just right.

Check your rubber

Air pressure and the status of your rubber is very important to check when riding. May it be a short or a long ride to the near by province or city. Verify if your rubbers thread are still good. Remember that traction is important for a smooth ride and it can actually reduce fuel consumption.

Test brakes

Have your brakes tested. It will save your life.¬† ‘nough said!

Shine the Lights

You blinkers or signal light, head light and stop light should all be lighting properly. This will help light your way, inform other vehicle in-front of you.

Lubricate it!

Better to e safe that sorry, have your engine change oil. A good lubricated engine will go a long way.

Now that you have all this thing, Ain’t it feel good to ride and bike that is well maintained. You can feel a good running bike, every squeeze to the throttle. Now that you have verify that your bike is safe the only factor that can cause you road accident is the people factor. But that is another post.

Travel safely.

The New Ford Focus – Active Park Assist

Trouble parking your car?

This video says it all.

The New Ford Focus – Active Park Assist will do it for you. No need to bother honing your parking skills, your car will park itself. For it knows you are to dumb to do it yourself.

I have nothing against technology helping us do our everyday life. But not everything should be done for us, especially driving.

I know there are group of scientist doing a project for a car to drive itself. Cool Right! But for me its just plain stupidity. If you don’t want to drive then get a driver.