Food Spot at SM Masinag Food Court

If you haven’t notice it yet. Let me tell you that every mall goers immediately look for two places. These two place will  always bring comfort and peace of minds anytime of the day. One of these places is the Food Court.

Mall food court is the haven for all kinds of mall goers. This is the easiest place to find in the mall so this is often the meeting place for any type of meeting. Friends and family hang out here and spend some time enjoying each others company. SM even have a promotional ad about their Food Court.


Opening their first branch at SM City Masinag food court. With the tagline “TroPARES is the new Pares!” they are really living up to their name.

From the classic pares that we all love to a more modern twist like their very own Seafood Pares.

TroPARES will definitely take your next PARES experience to a different level!

Chica’s Chicharronia

I checked their FB page and I like their description for their food, it goes “Chica’s Chicharronia offers glorified Pinoy dishes with crispy a Sisig x Chicharon Bulaklak twist!”.  To be frankly their really delicious compared to other chicharon in the market.

My kids and I love to eat chicharon with rice so this concept is not really new to me. What new is the concept of selling chicharon with rice is brave and bold. I enjoys the chicharon meal, it reminds me dining with my family. Having fun and enjoying a good movie while enjoying the crunchiness of each bite.


InasaLaing open its new store in SM City Masinag giving the Masinaguenos a taste of a well known dish that the province of Quezon is well known for. The Inasal and Laing combo is really something to check and try.

The good thing about InasaLaing is the affordability of its prices and have you seen the portion they serve in every meal they serve is for 2 persons. This is truly a SULIT meal in my book.

Inihaw Express

Nothing beats a favorite. Specially foods cooked in an open flame. The smell of char and the parallel burn marks in your meat is enough to make you drool in anticipation. That whats Inihaw Express give their patron when they order their delicious menu. Inihaw Express is complete from pork, chicken to sea foods. Basically they have all the bases covered in providing satisfying meals, any time of the day, any day.

Rye & Dean’s

I love hotdogs and sausages. Do you love hotdog and sausages? Did I told you I love hotdog and sausages.

At SM City Masinag and newly open Rye and Dean’s are all ready and willing to serve they delicious tasting hotdogs. From the classic ones to some very innovative creations. There are all sort of choices and heavy decision making to be made when ordering.This is due to you wanting to try everyone of them.

I love every part of it, from the style in their plating, the burn marks of the buns, the smokiness of the burn woods and especially the savory taste of the sausage and hotdog that they serve.

I recommend making the decision before going.


If you are craving for noodles, then Chin’s is the best alternative.

Seeing their setup and style of cooking in their stall at SM City Masinag Food Court, you would say that its very Japanese. The big chopstick in their wall and their style of cooking. But after tasting it and sipping the broth I would say that it has a familiar Filipino twist and I love it.

Chis’s is a great place to stat introducing foreign food to your kid rather than the familiar fast food. This way you can teach your kids different kinds of food and some back story to it.

I actually introduce my youngest to Ramen via the famous Naruto series. Now we are jumping from one Japanese restaurant to another. Tasting and comparing which one is the best. That’s why we will be back.

Mr. Kimbob

Who doesnt’t know Mr. Kimbob or locally know as Kimbob. Well it is the only Korean restaurant that everybody knows. Best known for their Bibimbob and other favorites. With their vegetable rich dishes and that coloful way they place it. Who wouldn’t want to grab a spoon and do the Kimbob mix.

Best thing I love this place is their accessibility for they are in almost all malls in the country and the sweet smile that their personnel gives to their customers.

Mr. Kimbob is the best place to introduce your kids to Korean foods without them knowing it.

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