Soru Izakaya – A Cost Friendly Japanese Resto

It was not actually a dinning visit to the Soru Izakaya but a work related visit. I was hired to provide a photo booth service for their Christmas/Year End party. But since I can’t setup when I arrive for there are still diners so I have to wait till every last one is out.

So I was offered to dine first. I was handed their menu to choose what I like. So I browsed at it, knowing in my mind only one meal that I like inside a Japanese restaurant. RAMEN !!!! I just went directly to the Ramen pages, checking… checking… checking…

Tempura Ramen PHP350 Shoyu broth with ebi and mixed vegetable tempura

That when I found 2 of my favorite Japanese food in one. No Filipino can resist Tempura and I LOVE RAMEN. So this Tempura Ramen is heaven for my tummy. The broth is perfect and every sip is just superb. I love every time a take a sip of broth, bite of the tempura and every slurp of the noodles.

Takoyaki PHP190 Japanese octopus balls with cabbage, nori, kani, topped with katsuobushi flakes

Even though I only ordered the Ramen they also gave me a free plate of this huge Takoyaki balls. This 6 balls of explosion of flavor in your mouth is something everybody should experience. The Takoyaki balls are truly delicious, juicy and chewy at the same time. I immediately consume 3 consecutive balls whiel sipping my way to the Ramen. Its a hard task to focus on one food if both of the are really delicious.

Kyuri Green Iced tea

So it was sip of shoyu broth, bite of Tempura, 1 ball of takoyaki, then a slurp of Ramen then finishing with a sip of the Kyuri green tea. It was a workout for my mount and taste buds. Then repeat. It was a delicious cycle.

Did not had the time take photo of the place. But the ambiance is a mixed of modern and rustic take on a gastropub Japanese restaurant. The staff are very friendly and attentive to customers need. My waitress always refill my glass of water with a smile.

The staff are also very respectful to the customer when they were telling them that they are closing early that night for they will be having their annual Christmas Party. I think I count 5 to 8 late comers and that was already pass 9PM so that means even late hours patrons can still dine with them.

The thing is its not only professionals going in at late hours but also family wanting to grab a late snack or meals are coming in and out of their doors.

From what I heard They will be opening a BGC branch early next year. I will definitely go there and hoping also as an event photographer. Just hoping.


Soru Izakaya
 140 Maginhawa Quezon City, Philippines
 Call 0917 704 0515

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