Trabi Café – Good Food, Great Coffee with a Rustic Appeal

With the influx and success of the food industries and businesses in Rizal this days. It’s nice to have so many options to choose from. Great food, good coffee,  great services, and great experience are expected every visit. From small karinderias, pub, burger shop, Japanese theme restaurant and coffee shops.  We even have the 2 big fast food in the country.

Trabi Cafe is the latest cafe that millennial and Gen-X of Angono and Binangonanians will love to spend time at with friends or just being alone.

The interior is just something I like. Just look at all the woods used from the chairs, tables and wall decoration. I also love the metal light fixture all over the place. The place has this rustic appeal that I like. I love the woods that are incorporated which brought the simplicity of the ambiance. It’s a great place to spend time and finish some work.

Trabi Café wall art

I first learned about the cafe when a co-member of the Camera Club of Angono invited me on the opening last August 8, which turned out to be the owner of the cafe. To sad I was not able to come but I make it a point to visit it at one point. So when the group arrange to set the meet and greet at Trabi Cafe I make sure I was free to come.

My Cafe Americana and Chicken Sandwich for Php170
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Trabi Café
 25 National Road, Pag-Asa Binangonan, Rizal
 Telephone: (02) 212 5607

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