Blue Point Comb – Product Testing

As promised I am doing a review on the new comb that I just got. It took a while since my last review. Who can blame me, the last one was really reliable and it took a long time to wear it out.

The latest comb I got is totally different from the last one. Let us call it blue point comb, because its blue and pointy. The teeth of the comb is about 3 1/2″ while the spine reaches up to 8 1/2″. They are thinly spaced from the other tooth. I assure you it is doing its purpose very diligently. It is so clear in my imagination how I smoothly comb my hair. Until I can feel the teeth scratches my scalp.

Can I still call it my scalp or just simply my skin? I must do my research on this.

So far the teeth is very useful when it come to scratching my scalp and other part of my body that itches. It is multi directional when it comes to scratching. I can scratch my head upwards and downwards, sideways and the tip of the spine is a great when reaching hard to reach places.

Though it is hard to hold for its bends easily. So when I’m using the tip of the spine it almost and always pole me in the wrong way. But due to its light material it is really lightweight.

I need to give a warning in using a blue point comb, always be aware that the end of the spine might cause an accident especially on the eyes.

Overall the blue point comb is not recommended for child use and an extra vigilance when using it. But as a scratching tool it is one of the best I have used.

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