135 Hand Painted Fans Art Exhibit

Yesterday I witness beautiful art at display at the SM East Ortigas hall. Each one unique for the other, hand-painted on folding fans. An art we can only distinguish as elegance at its best. Chinese brush painting painted in fans was everywhere to enjoy and be amazed. There were 135 fans all meticulously hand painted by talented artist.

Chan Lim Family of Artist Art Exhibit at SM East Ortigas
Exquisite art work from Kaye Lim

Guest and media friends gather at the SM East Ortigas event center where the great music was being played the orchestra. Exhibitors and guest where treated with visual excitement.

Known for their Chinese brush painting style the Chan Lim Family of artist and students displayed their exquisite work for people to see and be amaze on how beautifully their arts can be. Every turn you make is a hand painted fan to see, each brush stroke is different from the other.

Each fans is unique from the other, not only the art painted on the fan but the quality of each fan is above standard as well.

Chan Lim Family of Artist and Student Exhibit

Media and guest were also treated with on-the-spot hands-on Chinese style hand painting with the Chan Lim Family artist. basic strokes were taught to us which we had a fun time doing.

Ms. Sabrina doing Chinese Style painting

Do visit their exhibit

SM East Ortigas event center
 August 27 - September 24, 2017

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