BIG Year-End Part at SM City Taytay

Last night was a night of MUSIC, ROCK and FUN!

The young crowd gathered as early as 4PM in the open space parking of SM City Taytay to witness and join in the fun as the night will be filled by the music of HALE and SILENT SANCTUARY.

The young crowd would cheer, jump and shout their lungs out to the sounds of their favorite band. Mobile phone are all recording the BIG Year-End Part at SM City Taytay so that they can enjoy the experience when they go home. Not to mention the number of like they will get from their social media sites.

The crowd became more rowdy when Hale lead singer Champ Lui Pio went down the stage and make a more personal approach to their fans. The crowds went GAGA on him, while other continue to shout his name so that the lead singer may make a glimpse or better yet wave on their general direction.

Some were to luck that they were able to take a selfie/groupie with Champ Lui Pio while making his way back to the stage.

crowd of beautiful lady enjoying the concert

A big cheer was heard when SILENT SANCTUARY started to perform on stage with all their hit songs. You can tell for the crowds were singing along with Sarkie Sarangay the bands lead vocal.

all type of mobile phone on display at the concert

It truly was a great night pf music, friends, laugh, and jumping around.SM truly knows how to give a party.

Firework display at the CONCERT

What a way to end a great show but with fireworks. Everybody was looking at the sky enjoying the light show that was provided by SM City Taytay. What a great year end party it was!

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