Food Find in SM Center Angono – Part 2

Truly SM Center Angono is a great place to be. Especially for me for there is no traffic to encounter. I can even walk to SM Canter Angono from my house. Another great thing about  SM Canter Angono is the variety of restaurant.

Food Finds in SM Center Angono

The Great SM Food Crawl at SM Center Angono had another crawl and did we find great places to dine and hang out.

1. Mojo Frites (pronounced as mo-jo freet)

Mojo Frites Chicken Schnitzel Burger - Php99
Chicken Schnitzel Burger – Php99

There are food that are better when fired twice, like Mojo Frites (pronounced as mo-jo freet).

Yes you read it right the first time, they fry their fries TWICE. That is for ultimate crunchiness of the fries. Along with the fries are the tasty and adventurous dips or sauce that will compliment their fries.

The great thing about Mojo Frites is that their fries are 3-times or 4-time thicker than the fires we are used to from the other fast food chains. So having an order combine with your favorite dip is truly satisfying to the taste and the belly.

Mojo Frites is not only about fries they also sell Chicken Schnitzel burger for only Php99 which is a very good deal in exchange for a great tasting burger.

Another great treat is the Beef dip au Jus for only Php120, it is truly a whole new experience. This cool sandwich is devoured like an ordinary burger or sandwich with a little difference of dipping the sandwich to a beef broth mixture that give it a level of taste.

I also recommend the Potato Balls. They are very heavy specially when you are with a group of friends this will surely be a budget friendly treat and it will guarantee that they will be very satisfied. Try a different dip every time you grab a Belgian fries. I would like to know your favorite dip so leave a comment below.

Mojo Frites
 3rd Flr SM Center Angono (right beside SM Cinema)
 0927 880 3324
Happy dinner enjoying their meal at Cusina
Happy dinner enjoying their meal at Cusina

2. Cusina

A great and affordable place to dine is very rare now a days. Good thing there is Cusina that offer a great place to dine on a budget and a great list of meals to choose from.

The term Cusina is an Italian word that means cooking style. But for us Filipinos cusina or kusina is a place where food  and love are mixed to create a great dish for the family.

They offer traditional breakfast meals like lugaw, goto lugaw, arroz caldo and my favorite tokwa’t baboy.

They also have different all-time-favorite Filipino foods from Kaldereta, Papaitan, Laing. To Sweet delicacies we all grow up to like Halo-halo and Mais con yelo.

They have this turo-turo fodd court style that we have grown up to. You can never go wrong on meals that we all grown up to and love. So if you want it to be simple and satisfying both to your tummy and pocket this is the place to be. With bright spacious place to dine what can go wrong.

 2nd Flr SM Center Angono (near the escalator to 3rd flr)

dsc_15623. Katsumi’s Cocoro Japanese Restaurant

If you are looking for good authentic Japanese food on the heart of Angono “The Art Capital of the Philippines” then Katsumi’s Cocoro Japanese Restaurant is the one you are looking for. They are one of the first restaurants when SM Center Angono opened its doors to the local of Angono. Owned by entrepreneur Carina Watanabe has introduces the great Japanese cuisine to the local of Angono.

You won’t have to go far to experience great tasting cuisines the Japanese has to offer. They have 3 other branches at the heart of Tokyo, so yo can expect that they are serving authentic taste that are known to all Japanese.

For me the best meal I tasted is the Beef Ramen, I highly recommend it to all. Just the broth is enough to satisfy your taste buds. Next is the fresh Sashimi dish, you can still feel the ocean on every bite.

So if your planning to dine out with friends and family. Treat them to some authentic Japanese meal that will not disappoint.

Katsumi's Cocoro Japanese Restaurant
 2nd Flr SM Center Angono
 0905 299 1759
Mystical Cakes and Pastries
Mystical Cakes and Pastries

4. Mystical Cakes and Pastries
To end this wonderful day is to finish it correctly and have some deserts and coffee. A very good coffee and some very delectable cakes from Mystical Cakes and Pastries. 

The best thing I like about Mystical Cakes and Pastries besides from the great tasting coffee and cakes is the ambiance. I can literally stay here all day and finish on my online work without any issue. The place is clean, quite and very relaxing specially when I smell freshly made coffee.

The best thing about Mystical Cakes and Pastries are freshly bakes cakes by the owner herself. Mystical Cakes and Pastries is very particular with the quality of their cakes and service.

Mystical Cakes and Pastries : Something New

You have to try their Black Forest! Super tasty and the right amount of sweetness that wont give you the sweet overload we get on over sweetened cakes. I hate that!

My favorite and their best seller is the Blue Berry Cheese cake. Really LOVE it. I have to force myself not to order it just to experience the other cakes. Try their Hot Chocolate drink, it wont disappoint. It’s one of their signature blend great for the holiday season.

Mystical Cakes and Pastries
 2nd Flr SM Center Angono
 0977 837 1650

Next time you visit SM Center Angono do visit their restaurant and enjoy what they have to offer and spread the words to your friends.

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