12Toys and gifts are the most important thing to buy this coming holiday. We all know that Christmas is all about seeing that big bright smile that can melt hearts from our little kids. So don’t mess it up but getting cheap and easily break toys, get them that will last till their 2 years older or more.

There are the gift sets from well- loved brands – Barbie, My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls, and Shopkins – that will bring a big smile to little girls; as well as techie stuff like virtual reality glasses that will transport kids of all ages to another world.

Toys inspired by blockbuster movies – Star Wars Rogue One, Transformers, Power Rangers, and Cars will top any young boy’s list; as will remote control cars and helicopters.

Have fun playing Santa as you complete the list of Top Toys available at all Toy Kingdom Express outlets in SM Stores and Toy Kingdom Stores in most SM Supermalls. Also visit; ToyKingdomPH at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.5



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