Food Find in SM Center Angono

SM Center Angono is a Food Bucket of great tasting food in the Art Capital of the Philippines.

In just a span of 6 months a lot of new treasure chest of gastronomic feast can be enjoyed. Yesterday at SM Center Angono with SM Public Relations Manager Vaniza Pachoco treated the Rizal Bloggers with some scrumptious finds.
Untitled1. Sea Lovers Giligan’s Restaurant

Our first stop is Giligan’s Restaurant at the Upper Level of the mall. For those who knew where the name was reference from then good for you. For those who don’t then better research for it and it is not the name of the owner.

They have a wide variety of menu from seafood, pork, meats, and chickens that will suit your island appetite. Don’t forget their super affordable group meal deals that are worth taking when you’re coming in big groups.

What I like the best with the food that was serve to us was the Shrimp and Tofu in Creamy Oriental Sauce. I will surely go back and have another taste of it.

Chicken Salpicao Pork Kawali mixed with Binagoongang Kangkong Beef Caldereta Shrimp and Tofu in Creamy Oriental Sauce Zizzling Crunchy Pork Sisig

Location: UGF 116-117 SM Center Angono, Manila East Road, San Isidro, Angono Rizal
Basic Amenities/Features: 110 seating capacity, airconditioned
Contact No/s. 0942 399-6684

2. The beat of Sisig Hooray

I will just let you enjoy the Beat before we proceed 🙂

Fresh IngredientsAnother great food find at SM Centter Angono is Sisig Hooray, located at the 2nd Flr of the SM Center Angono. Started only as a food cart business but then adopted a restaurant theme that give diners are great place to enjoy their amazing meal.

One great thing about Sisig Hooray is that they are not only selling to meat lovers but they also have a veggie version on their menu.

DSC_6582DSC_6581DSC_6577 For Veggie lover or just want to have something different they offer the Tofu and Mushroom Sisig, Open face Talong con Sisig and the Loompiang Sisig that I really love.

Location: 2nd F SM Center Angono

3. Rustic Big Daddy’s Burger

Double Cheese BurgerNext stop is Big Daddy’s, located at the 3rd floor. Not really hard to miss for once you alight from the escalator to the 3rd floor its the first thing you will see.

The rustic barbeque feel of the place will really put you on a hands-on meal like my favorite baby-back ribs. They also serve one mean double cheese burger and a super spicy hot buffalo wings.


Bacon and Cheese Burger Baby back Ribs Roast Beef Original Flavor - Bufallo Wings Nachos with Cheese dip

Location: 3rd Flr SM Center Angono

4. Snow Panda for Dessert

Snow Panda with a smileYou can’t have a complete food experience if you didn’t end it with a delicious dessert, and Snow Panda is a great place to get some tasty treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Korean style snow flake or halohalong koreano style. Made from made shaved ice and sweet different kinds of toppings.

Kimbab Coffee Choco Bing Su Pineapple Bing Su


The first time I saw Snow Panda I only thought that they only serve ice related menu, but I was surprise that they also serve dumplings and maki style kimbab which is really delicious.

It was a parade of Bing Su one after the other. Really a treat to our eyes and senses.

Injeolme Toast Injeolme Honey Butter Toast Pat Bing Su Untitled

But from the menu they serve us the most I like is the Injeolme Toast. Crunchy and really scrumptious. Will definitely come back for more.

Location: 2nd F SM Center Angono

Photo by Ms. Vaniza Pachoco – SM Public Relations Manager

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