LBC top choice for Padala

The other day I saw a post in Facebook about a woman complaining in a forum called Tambayan ni Berto. Her complain was that she sent money through LBC Express, P24,000+ to her brother and a cousin in Las Pinas. The money was supposed to be used for their tuition fee. The woman claimed that after she sent the money to the LBC branch in Novaliches she did not text the tracking number to her brother until the next day. The following morning she was surprised when she allegedly received a text saying that her brother had received the money. This happened when she hasn’t texted him the tracking number and that the money was received in a branch in Cebu.

The woman who alleged that she lost money wouldn’t file a complaint right away, but eventually relented. The matter is still under investigation by LBC’s people. I found it curious that anyone could get her money without the tracking number. I was particularly interested because I receive money all the time from my wife who works in Singapore. Not only do I receive money, I also receive packages from LBC and sometimes I would send packages to my wife via LBC. For more than 5 years, we have always used the services of LBC and I have never encountered any problems.

Im not saying that the woman’s complaint may have been invalid but there seemed like her story was riddled with holes. I wish people would stop posting hateful and smearing posts on Facebook and elsewhere because it misleads people. Smearing is both illegal and immoral. Let’s not engage in that activity.

One thought on “LBC top choice for Padala

  • September 28, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    LBC is reliable courier/shipper. I don’t have any problem with them from receiving to shipments. I hope LBC will release a official statement or investigation report so people will not judge LBC based on the negative aspects.

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