Brillante Mendoza Film Festival at SM Masinag

DSC_7528JULY29 – The day started early at 8AM for me and students from different areas of Antipolo and Rizal. A line have already formed and student are all pumped up for the film showing and the education they will get from it.

The day was filled with activities starting off with a film screening of Direk Brillante’s Taklub that won 2015 Cannes Film Festival Ecumenical Jury Prize Special Mention.

4 Cinemas of the SM City Masinag are all scheduled to run the film “Taklub”. After the film showing the student and enthusiast alike will get more than they paid for. A behind the scene clips were shown from conceptualization to production to the actual shooting on how the film was made.

It was a sweet treat for all of us, to see how the brilliant director made his film from start to finish. A quick glimpse on how his mind thinks and his process on making a film. DSC_7522

After the film and the BTS was shown Direck Brillante appeared and thank the students and participants who viewed his film and appreciated it. He then opened the floor for a few question on how his thought process on making the Taklub into reality. Students and teachers alike was surprise with his answer and his method in making a film.

Direk Brillante Mendoza talking to the students of different schools of Rizal

It was truly a very educational morning for me and the viewers. I for one was inspired to work hard on what I have and not let it stop me from achieving success.

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Photos courtesy of Snap Click Studio

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