National Children’s Book Reading Day – Photo Coverage

JULY19 : The started with kids falling in line to register for an annual event with SM Malls all over the nation. The National Children’s Book Reading Day is an annual event at all SM Malls. The SM Malls invite different schools for a book reading session with local personality.

DSC_6245Teaching kids the importance of reading and reading an actual book and not the interactive ones.

Smiles and anticipation are all imprinted in every kids faces for they know something good will happen today. Fun, learning and lots of story telling.

Kids from the Dolores Elementary School of Taytay, Rizal was greeted by Ms. Maureen Fernandez – SM City Taytay Mall Manager.

Ms. Maureen Fernandez – SM City Taytay Mall Manager

Leading the pack of story teller is Mr. Juancho Lunaria author of the book “Ang Batang Gustong Maging Puppet” will be telling the story of “Marne Marino”. A story of a seaman who lost a precious thing within the ship and his journey looking for it.

Juancho Lunaria reading “Marne Marino”

It was a very colorful story as the pages is being shown on a wide screen for the children to see and Mr. Lunaria uses different voices to give life to the characters.


Hon. Joric Gacula reading the “Ang Dalawang Haring Siga”

Then the Honorable Mayor of the Municipality of Taytay graced the event to tell his story of 2 powerful personality that had a feud with each other and how it was affecting the other people around them.

It’s a very relevant story today as we are encountering this scenario in our daily lives not knowing how other are being affected. Sometimes the simplest thing is the best way to send your point to the children and parents a like.

Lots of smile and laughter filled the SM City Taytay event center that day. That is a commodity that we parent should treasure.




Until next year for a brand new set of stories.

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