Send Google Map Direction to your Mobile phone

If your like me I get my direction in Google Map. I’m not so fascinated with the other new map apps in the mobile market. It’s to graphical for me and, I like my map simple, clean and direct. I’m the one who choose my alternate route.

I don’t care about the traffic update or re-routing option. I can make my own decision with Google Map. Besides the traffic jam is everywhere in the Metro so there wont be any difference if I re-route there or not.

mapBut did you know that you can send the direction directly to your phone so that you will not repeat the search in you mobile phone.

I just found out this morning while checking the destination for our next event (not sure how long it was available but i LIKE it).

So how to you make it work.

  1. make sure you have a google account and your sign-in (both PC/Laptop and Mobile Phone)
  2. locate your destination at Google Map in your PC/Laptop
  3. click on the red dot to show the information of the place/establishment on the left side
  4. click on the link “Send to device” then validate your mobile phone name

Make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the internet for it to work. An update to your Google Map app on your phone will automatically point to your destination. From there you can map out you route.

It’s that easy. Try it!

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