Have you been BAGNETified at SM Taytay

After a very successful Photography workshop with the Rizal Blogger Network group we head out to BAGNETified at the SM City Taytay BPO building (SM Taytay open parking space).

Bagnetified - SM Taytay

They were gracious enough to sponsored our late lunch and photography subject. So I can say the the Rizal Blogger Network group have been BAGNETified.

We practiced what we have learned in the workshop on the BAGNETified dishes that was served to our table.

Bagnetified - SM Taytay
Sisig BAGNETified – Php289.00

We applied the following:

  1. different angle in shooting food
  2. what to do when there are no good quality of light is available
  3. what to do if you have an over or under exposed shot
  4. how to apply shallow depth of field on any available camera
  5. best camera setting to use
  6. what to do when shooting food in a food event
Bagnetified - SM Taytay
BAGNETified rice (Php 199)

It was a very cheerful crowd and we all had a great time shooting and tasting the served dishes for us.

I specially love the Sisig Bagnetified, it very crispy and tasty every bite. Well I would say every man would love the sisig. We also had the Bagnetified Rice is mouthwatering as well with a chunks of Bagnet slice on top. Truly every mans meal. 

I can proudly say that I’m now BAGNETified.


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