Leopards Bellychon Cebu : Taste of Cebu at Angono

Lechon has been always a special occasion dish. Angono is not a stranger to good lechon or roast pigs, so when a new lechon restaurant open this should be checked out.

Leopards Lechon Cebu is located a few meters away from Quezon Ave. cor. Dona Aurora St. (almost opposite Botong Francisco Museum). Don’t worry you will not miss it. The smell of slow roasting lechon will tell you that you have arrive.

Leopards Bellychon slowly roasting

Bellychon is the roasting of the belly of the pig with different spices that gives it aromatic appeal to its patrons. So whats the difference with the ordinary whole roast pig? You only get the delicious, soft and tender, juicy part every time you order.

Bellychon Cebu 1/4Kl – Php150.00

My friends and I were lucky enough that one of the owner (Christine) was available to chat with us while we dine. We were offered their special Cebu Bellychon, which was very delightful to my taste-buds.

The meat was aromatically juicy and tender with every bite. The taste is very different to what a native Angono is accustomed to but will surely love. Don’t even need to dip in the sauce. That’s how delicious it was.

The Belly is prepared every morning for a full 4hrs slow roast for the best result. They have not specified the spices that was used.

Best thing about their bellychon is that you would love to eat not only the skin but also the meat. Not like other lechon that you would go for the crispy skin first afterwards you will not even look at the meat. Their bellychon is different, whether you go for the skin or the meat it doesn’t make any difference for you will still go for the the remaining meat or crispy and caramel skin.

Manok Inasal (half) – Php95.00

They also offer another roast product, the Manok Inasal. They can be ordered by whole for Php190.00 and hald for Php95.00. They can also have it in budget meal with rice for Php60.00.

Beef Nilaga de Davao – Php180.00

The Beef Nilaga can be ordered for Php180.00 and a budget meal for Php65.00. This is one of their best seller so don’t forget to order one.

Sisig Lechon – Php120.00

The Sisig Lechon is one of my favorite. I can say the best I tasted in Angono. Made with mainly lechon meat and the spiciness is just right. Not sure if you can also ask to make it to your preferred spiciness. Regular order is Php120.00 which is enough for 4 individuals and budget meal with rice for Php55.00

Crispy Tuna Chicharon – Php60.00

The crispy skin Tuna Chicaron is also a great alternative to the regular chicharon. It is very tasty and the cruchiness is complimenting the delightful flavor it brings.

DSC_9433A special thanks for our gracious host that evening, Ms. Cristine for entertaining us and some juicy insight about Leopards Bellychon Cebu.

Leopards Bellychon Cebu is one of the local food restaurant/business in Angono that the local should patronize.

This small business provide good service and delicious dishes to the local of Angono with reasonable and affordable prices.


Leopards Bellychon Cebu Menu


Leopards Bellychon Cebu
No. 212, Dona Aurora St. Poblacion Itaas, Angono, Rizal
Tel. No. 6619975

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