King Bee landed at Angono

There’s a new bee that had landed to the heart of Angono.

The newest Chinese restaurant at SM Center Angono, King Bee Chinese Food had now open its door to welcome the local of Angono.

The new King Bee Chinese Food restaurant is located at the 2nd Floor of SM Center Angono. The King Bee Chinese Food restaurant is bright, inviting, and clean. It have big table to accommodate large group and small tables for small number family.

The King Bee Chinese Food restaurant have great sense of vision to take a large place to entertain their many coming customers.

Last Saturday I was one of the lucky few that was invited to join the Rizal Blogger and Media meet at King Bee Chinese Food Angono. It was a nice lunch and was nice to meet new faces and a very familiar one.

We were serve with a feast. There were food for all of us to enjoy.

King Bee Chicken Feet
King Bee Chicken Feet – Php80.00 – A MUST try

I recommend trying the King Bee Chicken Feet. If I remember it correctly I was still in grade school the last time I tasted a chicken feet. So when I got a glimpse of it I made sure that I atleast get one.

Its spicy, its sweet and its was delicious. I think I finish a serving it I’m not mistaken. This is because most of my fellow diner was not paying much attention to it. I think its only the 3 guys had it. Lucky us!

Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper
Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper Php280.00 – A MUST try

I also recommend trying the King Bee Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper. This is an explosion of flavor in your mouth. First I thought it was chicken for it was very tender very easy to chew. There were no sign of toughness in it.

At first I thought it was just an ordinary fillet but after a bite, I quickly forked a couple more.

Hacao dimsum (Php150.00)Pork Siomai dimsum (Php100.00)Sliced Beef with Broccoli - Php300.00Sweet and Sour Pork - Php280.00

We also had the Pork Siomai dimsum (Php100.00), Hacao dimsum (Php150.00), Sliced Beef with Broccoli (Php300.00), and the Sweet and Sour Pork (Php280.00) are also something to look forward to.

The new King Bee Chinese Food restaurant at SM Center Angono did not disappoint me. The accommodation, the place, the personnel and the taste are all worth coming back with family and friends.

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