7/11 Sausage Muffin for Breakfast

In the past couple of years, 7/11 is where I go for my breakfast for a 7/11 shop is just beside the lobby of the building where I worked.

I usually buy ready to eat sandwiches and if I’m really hungry I will get their packed rice meals.

But today, I saw that they now have a Sausage Muffin in their shelf. so i told myself to give it a shot.

I got one and requested it to heated so I can eat it when I’m on my desk.

For me the size is good enough for a breakfast meal, it can satisfy a normal appetite. the muffin is a bit dry but not bad. The burger is not what I will say good and also the cheese is not one of my best. But for a affordable ready to eat meal on the go, I would say it would be good.

I can see myself getting another one if ever there is no other option or if I’m kinda in a mood for muffin.

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