Opportunities Open up with BPO in the Philippines

With the boom of the BPO industry in the Philippines, a lot have change that we may have not notice but surely change our normal living.

What is BPO or Business Process Outsourcing?

Well a simple explanation is other country base company, usually a US base company hires/recruits Filipino skilled workers to work for them without leaving the Philippines for a very competitive rate.

So how this can affect us ordinary people?

Well back in the early year 2000, a lot of things are not as we are used to right now. The night life are almost non-existent, the malls closes around 8PM, the limited places to dine, even travelling at night is a very different story.

But since the boom of the BPO industry in the Philippines things became vibrant and opened up a world of opportunities not only to the BPO workers but to all of us.

As seen on the video above, small and medium enterprises are also affected in-directly for the better. All kind of opportunities opened up to all type of business minded person. A laundry shop, a simple canteen, and also for someone to provide transportation service to Call Center employees.

Best way to check if the changes have affected you and your community indirectly is to check some of the following and compare it 10 years ago:

1. Is there a convenience store within a walking distance from your home?
2. Is travelling at night much better now?
3. How far is the nearest mall in your area?

The fact that this is not only happening in Metro Manila but also to various places in Visayas and Mindanao. This is due to the collaboration by then DTI Secretary, now DILG Secretary, Mar Roxas and government agencies to make the country attractive for BPO companies to set up shop in the Philippines.

Opportunities come in different kind, just be ready when it comes in front of you.

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