Tanigue Steak with Clara Ole Bechamel White Sauce

After attending the Clara Ole Potluck event last weekend and with all the delicious food that was brought to the potluck gathering. It trigger an urge inside me to cook. It’s has been a while since I last posted something I cooked.

So I decided to cook Tanigue Steak with Clara Ole Bechamel White Sauce.


So early this morning, woke up early and off to the market I go, Got me 3 slice of fresh Tanigue steak from my suki fish vendor. Once I got back home, I started preparing everything I need. What I like about this dish is that it is easy to prepare, to cook and it taste absolutely delicious. The Clara Ole Bechamel white sauce is really easy to use for you only need to heat it and you’re good.

What you need:clara ole2

fresh Tanigue steak
clara ole bechamel white sauce – place it on bowl of hot water
salt and pepper for seasoning
baguio beans cut in half or not your choice
tomato – slice
olive oil

How to make it:

1. preheat pan and add oil, make sure to set it to low heat
2. season one side of tanigue steak with dash of pepper and salt
3. place tanigue steak with season side on the pan for 2 minutes
4. season other side with dash of pepper and salt
5. turn over the tanigue steak and cook for another 2 minutes
6. place the baguio beans on the side of the pan for a minute

Plate Tanigue steak on plate with bagiuo beans and slice tomato on the side. Then pour clara ole bechamel white sauce on the Tanigue steak.

I bought 3 steak for me and 2 of my kids ( my second kid is with his cousins place).


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