Lunch at Mahogany Market Tagaytay

Last weekend Arpee, Juned and I travel to Tagaytay to do an ocular visit to Arthur’s Place Resort.
11295_10205085486589367_2860274810094898843_nWe decided to have lunch to the famous Mahogany Market rather than cook our meal. I know for a fact that there are eateries in the market.

Somehow we did encounter some road issues but we eventually arrive and luckily found 4 seats for us.

For sure we ordered Bulalo, fried crablets, and  crispy tawilis as well.

Its not always we get to taste it for not many is offering it in their menu. So when you get a chance to try new food or some treat that you don’t normally have.

It was a fruitful day last weekend.


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