My all new Ford EcoSport

DSC_7311Last November a decision was made and someone or something was added to our family. So to start our 2015 with a big bang or a revving start we had an all new 1.5 fuel efficient Ford EcoSport.

Have been driving our new Ford EcoSport for almost 5 months now and it continue to surprise me every time I drive it. It’s very Economic, Sturdy, Balance and Slick are a few words I can think of describe my new Ford EcoSport.

I can say it was a good decision we made as a family.

What we love about the all new Ford EcoSport for the following reasons:

1. Spacious Interior

Beside the budget, Comfort is a big factor in our decision in looking for a car. We should comfortably fit in it and still have space to move especially for long trips. So small car is really not our style (we are big people).

The Ford EcoSport is a practical choice for us. Its not only a family car it can easily be an off-road car that can accommodate up to 705 liters of space (rear seats folded with a 60:40 ratio of total space)


DSC_73122. Fuel Efficiency

Who would not love a stylish car that can also give value to your money every time you travel. With a 1.5L TiVCT engine and its eye-catching aerodynamic design features that limit wind resistance, which helps deliver All-New EcoSport’s exceptional fuel economy.

The Ford EcoSport can give a Maximum Power 110@6,300(ps/rpm) and Maximum Torque 142@4,500(Nm/rpm) for a smooth a powerful driving experience on any road and condition.

So we put it to a test how fuel efficient the Ford EcoSport really is. My kids and I went on an impromptu road trip from Angono to Lucban and back using the Rizal route last Jan18. Its a 214km ride (both ways) with strong wind and strong rain.

Have not really computed how much gas it really consume but basing from the gas gauge our trip used almost half the tank. I’m no expert but I could say that the Ford EcoSport is really fuel efficient and held its promise.

3. Versatility

The thing I like most the all new Ford Ecosport is its versatility to any road conditions. It has a 200mm ground clearance and 550mm water wading capability so running to off-road and rainy conditions is not a problem. So road issue like ditches and potholes are nothing to worry about.

Everything about this Ford EcoSport is really amazing. From the price to the performance, everything is good. Except for the plate number or the car registration cause up until now I still have not got my registration and plate number. Hope Ford Cainta will do what they can to provide me of my plate number.


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