Black Comb: Product Testing

I just a new gear in my arsenal of toys. It’s a hair brush!

I’ve heard that this gear is so versatile that you can use it anywhere and anytime you like. It has been almost 2 decades now since I last use one of this. But this time I can write it on my site.

I had it last Sunday, when me and my youngest kid was doing our weekly groceries. We ere in the beautification section, not sure if I’m correct but that’s what I call it. Then I saw it and I told to myself I must have it. No, I need it! So I took one, a balck one for I love black color. Then we proceed with our choir.1525767_10204846375931750_614049336953658343_n

When we got home I was so excited that I forgot to get my video cam and video the unboxing (will do it in my other review), and post it on FB.


color: Black
length : 6 inches
weight: 4.43 mg
shaft: rubber coated
teeth: 45 (not including hard end)

From the moment I hold it I felt a memory from long ago, the time I still have my shiny mane. I felt a tear was falling from my eye. But enough remembering memory lane and back to reality.

The weight is just right, not to heavy to scratch my scalp (wink) and not to light. Just right! the color is good for me, as I mentioned I love the color black. But they also offer different colors like green, blue, pink and red. I heard from the store personnel that a new set of handles will also be available.

The length from the handle is a bit long but whose complaining. As long the job is done (which it is all the matters) then it good for me.

I will still continue to review the product and will continue to update this post for new thing I find out.

I can’t wait for the set of handle accessories that will be available.

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