Robo-Doc Removes Giant Watermelon-sized Tumor with Band-Aid Cuts

In a landmark surgery never attempted before in the Philippines, Dr Rebecca Singson, a pioneer in Robotic Surgery, succeeded in removing a watermelon-sized, 2.7-kilo solid uterine mass (multiple myomas) from a morbidly obese, diabetic patient using only band aid incisions.

Robotic surgery still

The patient went home on the third post-operative day, happier , healthier and nearly 3 kilos lighter.

With the aid of the Da Vinci robot, a surgery that would have required cutting up the patient over a foot long from top to bottom of her abdomen, was converted to a minimally invasive surgery with tiny incisions.


upload_-1The Da Vinci Surgical System is an advanced surgical platform composed of three components: a Surgeon’s Console , through which the surgeon operates with “joysticks” to manipulate the robotic instruments inside the abdomen ; the Patient Sidecart, which has the robotics arms to hold the robotic instruments and camera through keyhole ports in the patient’s abdomen; and the 3-Dimensional Vision System, which allows the surgeon to see the structures 10-12 times bigger in 3D.

Traditional surgery with a foot long incision would have presented several disadvantages: the wound in an obese , and diabetic with an abdominal fat of 7 cm thick, would have resulted in wound dehiscence (wound rupture and opening up), greater pain, (requiring more drugs), higher infection rate , longer immobilization and hospital stay, longer downtime, thereby higher chances for pneumonia and thromboembolism compared to Band-Aid incisions.

Robotic surgery may just be the technology you need to save your life. For more information, call:

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