Betty’s Native Cakes: A Local Delicacies

Kakanin is a staple in any Filipino feast or gathering. Sometimes its not normal not to have at least one bilao or box of it. Well that is the norm in Tarlac. It is not an official gathering if no Betty’s Native Cake on the table.

Betty’s Native Cake is an institution at Tarlac and a favorite of lat President Corazon Aquino.

Capit Roll or Putong Kapit

The Capit Roll is a innovative take on a local delicacy and making it an go and eat sweet which the “latik” is now a filling inside the Capit Roll.


The Capit Roll is truly different among the usual kakanin and bibinka. It a whole new breed. This is their best seller which has a 500 pc production everyday.


Betty’s Native Cakes
Location: San Roque, Tarlac City, SM Tarlac
Contact Info: 0917 7952 663

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