Have You Tried Camiling Chicharon?

On our third stop, we stop at Dan’s Place for lunch and a taste of the Camiling’s known chicharon.

We know it as Lechon Kawali, but for the people of Tarlac especially the locals of Camiling. They call it Chicharon Camiling or Bagnet.

Chicharon Camiling at Dan’s Place

Although they may look the same as our known lechon kawali, the Chicharon Camiling has a distinct taste of sweetness and spiciness in it. Also the crunchiness of the skin therefore the name chicharon.

Chicharon Camiling is pre-ordered in advance for it is a fast moving item on Camiling’s public market

Enjoying lunch at Dan’s Place

Dan’s Place:
Location: Burgos St. Camiling, Tarlac
Contact Info: (045) 491 2120, 0917 574 7343

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