Dina’s Special Tupig: A Local Delicacies

A great way to understand the locals is to understand how they create their delicacies.

On our Gastronomic Gem Food Tour, we went to a local stall along the Romulo Highway in Camiling named Dina’s Special Tupig.


Tupig is a local delicacies that is a favorite. It is made from rice flour and coconut strips, wrapped in banana leaves then cooked over charcoal.

So what is the difference between Tupig and Suman, for me is the distinct taste due to the way it was cooked or grilled. The burnt banana leaves mixed with the sweet taste it has due to the coconut strips and milk.


Aling Dina have a special clay stove were they grills the Tupig. With this process they can create more Tupig with minimal burns.


Dina’s Special Tupig
Location: Romulo Highway Tuec Camiling, Tarlac
Contact Info: 0939 6315 405

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