Alaminos’ Goat Farm – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 4

On our way home, we kept our eyes open for some local delicacies or local spot that we can try and visit.

So when Annalyn saw the Alaminos’ signage by the road, we unanimously decide to stop and see what its all about.

Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen posing in front of the Alaminos’ Goat Farm shop

Located at the back of Iglesia Ni Cristo Church along Maharlika Highway Alaminos, Laguna.

Even without any appointment we tried to talk our way in. well Azrael actually was the one talked to the caretaker/guard to let us in and look around.


We were not lucky to purchase goat milk but we enjoyed our time tasting Alaminos’ Milk Star ice cream. they have different flavors like Ube, Choco Hazelnut, Cheese, and Salted Caramel and it only cost Php50 a cup.


They actually taste good and you wouldn’t even know that it was made with goats milk. I love the taste of the Ube and Choco Hazelnut.

Azrael while taking a photo of his Alaminos’ Milk Star ice cream
Arpee enjoying his Alaminos’ ice cream

We took our time at the farm enjoying their ice cream and stretch our legs for another long ride home.  Well just until the breeze started to pick up and brought the goat smell in our direction.

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