Lunch out at Aristocrat San Pablo – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 3

After a short stop at the San Pablo City Cathedral we push through to our destination. Its only a few minute drive from the church Aristocrat Restaurant at Ultimart Mall.
Aristocrat San Pablo

Aristocrat San Pablo standy

After navigating along the mall, we found a familiar face welcoming us inside for lunch.  Wait a minute I know her.

It is great to see restaurant using familiar faces that are easy to approach and to talk to.

After ordering our lunch we took some time to take some photos and get connected to the web.

from left to right : Nancy Reyes Lumen, Annalyn Jusay and Rowena Wendy Lim
Lechon Kawali
Lechon Kawali- P285Fried roast pork belly.

The first one to be pass around and he first one to be gone in the table. Well who can argue about it. Crispy and delicious skin, soft and tender meat no wonder its a favorite in their menu.

Pancit Canton
Pancit Canton P350Homemade egg noodles with stir-fried meat, shrimps and vegetables.

The Seafood Kare-Kare is so scrumptious that I would have ordered another one if not for the other food on our table that day.

Seafood Kare-Kare
Seafood Kare-Kare P420Prawns, squid and native vegetables in savory peanut sauce, served with bagoong (native shrimp paste).

It was a feast in our table, so many food that you will have a hard time choosing and moving for that matter. Even though we have a table for ten people.

Laing – P160A spicy and luscious Bicolano dish, enhanced with pork slices.

I always order Laing whenever they are on the menu.

Azrael with his Gulaman and SagoHalo-Halo - regular

We also enjoyed some desserts. Azrael enjoyed his Gulaman and sago while I feast on my halo-halo.

Aristocrat San Pablo

For inquiries and deliveries :
Ultimart Shopping Plaza, M. Paulino St., San Pablo City, Laguna
Tel. No. (049) 503-1987

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