Breakfast at Aristocrat Restaurant – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 1

It started early in the morning (yesterday), and i rode my bike to Makati to meet up with a good friend to join him and other bloggers for a day long Food-tastic Journey to the South.

Our first stop is The Aristocrat Restaurant along Roxas Blvd. a place I only heard since I was a child but have not a pleasure dining with them.

Pinoy Foodie
while waiting for the others

But now not only I will be dining at the main branch but with their very own Ms. Nancy Reyes (the face of Aristocrat).

Ms. Nancy and Ms. Maryjo
Ms. Nancy and Ms. Maryjo

Aristocrat Aling Asiang’s Chicken and Pork Adobo

Aling Asiang’s Chicken and Pork Adobo Plate – P255 Stewed slices of chicken and pork seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce, and special spices, cooked the Aling Asiang way.

I ordered their All time Filipino favorite Aling Asiang’s Chicken and Pork Adobo Plate that only cost P255. “Sulit” is the word you would be looking for here.

It’s delicious, abundantly big and it will really give you the energy you will need to start your morning.

With a choice of brewed coffee, hot tea and a cup of native chocolate. I opted for the cup of native chocolate without any hesitation for its something you won’t be offered native chocolate very often inside a restaurant.

Aristocrat Native Chocolate

Aristocrat Native Chocolate

The Aristocrat native chocolate was the best. If I hadn’t force myself to savor the moment I would have ordered another cup. Thinking about it, why did a stop myself enjoying that delicious cup of chocolate.

Longanisa Plate
Longanisa Plate – P255
2 pcs Filipino pork sausage served with vinegar.
Aristocrat Tocino
Tocino Plate – P255
Grilled pork slices marinated in sweet sauce and served with vinegar.

As soon as all are accounted for and had finished our breakfast. We set out for our Journey to the South.

Pinoy Foodie

Their  breakfast menu are available from 12mn to 10:45am only

Served with two fried eggs, garlic rice and your choice of coffee, hot tea, hot native chocolate, milk or pineapple juice.

Watch out for next post.

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