7 Filipino Traditions during New Year’s Eve

Aside from my birthday and Christmas, another celebration I’m waiting for every year is the New Year’s eve. It is where our family gather and enjoy watching the fireworks, blowing our torotots (horns), and of course, enjoy the feast with matching chit-chats with our relatives. It is one of our most awaited time of the year for this is a new start, new beginning for all of us. Every culture has a unique way of celebrating New Year’s eve, and here are some of the famous Filipino tradition which cannot be missed during New Year’s eve (in no particular order):

photo credit to http://www.clarkisit.com/

1. Jump for height

A Filipino tradition where the kids will jump as high as they can at 12 mn so they will grow taller in the coming year. Well, this is mostly for kids, but some teenagers (like me, haha) still do. I still believe and want to grow vertically. 😀

2. 12 round fruits

Image from adobodownunder.blogspot.com
Image from adobodownunder.blogspot.com

 It is believed that when you have 12 round fruits on your table, luck will come to your home. Fruits like grapes, oranges, watermelon, apples are the most common.

3. Coins or bills on your pocket

Can this be more obvious when it comes to luck? 😀 My mom used to give us coins to put in our right pocket and bills on the left one. And because we’re good kids, we don’t return them anymore. haha.

4. Wearing polka dots shirts

This is another tradition that is believed to bring you lots of money. This tradition came from the Chinese people until the Filipinos adopted it.

5. Coins everywhere the house

I learned this tradition from my Grandfather, he used to put coins on the top of their cabinet, on the bed, table, chairs and it is believed to bring luck in the house. By luck I mean money. 😀

6. New Years Eve feast

photo by pinoypower.ph
photo by pinoypower.ph

For Filipinos, it is normal to have a feast during every occasion. But the new year’s eve feast is special for there are lot’s of tradition happening all at the same time.

 7. Fireworks (paputok), Torotot (horn)

We make noise to send the bad luck and bad spirits away. It is not enough to attract the good luck, we also need to repulse the bad luck to have a prosperous year. Fireworks and horns are the most common tools of the FIlipinos to make noise.

Whatever tradition or culture we have, we only aim for one thing and that is to have a prosperous and a good year. Every New year is a  new beginning. But of course, we should not forget what happened to us the past years. Let us learn from our mistakes, and be thankful for the blessings that we received.

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