Factors in to Consider in Choosing a Wristwatch

When I was still a young boy, I always admire my Father’s wristwatch. It’s a was a Casio Divers watch with silver bracelet. I would always ask my Father “When will I have my own watch?” He would smile and told me “I will buy one that is right for you”. Those words stuck to me not yet sure what he meant about it but it does.

Then one day he came home with a digital kid watch, not a divers watch but its sure is cool to have.


I wore it the next school day. My classmate and I would compare our watches and do some cool kids stuff with our watches.

Now I know what those words meant. I wristwatch is not just an accessory that a man wear everyday when going to work or going out with friends. It’s a statement that shout out to the world who you really are. It’s a symbol that you can stand on your own.

Factors to Consider


it should state who you are, what you are, and it should boost your confident and not make you hide your wrist when your friends are around.

it should have that certain characteristic that shows who you are. Saying to everybody that this man is elegant, this man is a adventurer or this man is an confident and artistic are some of the words that should come to mind of other who will see you wearing your wristwatch.


it should be comfortable to wear anytime of the day. its not to loose or to tight that is stopping the blood flow.

Weight and Size

it should also be appropriate to your weight and size. I mean if you a medium build guy then wearing a bulky wristwatch is not recommended. The same goes to a large build guy wearing a small watch.

Always make sure that you watch improves your appearance and not shows your to small or to big for your watch.


for all men, budget is always the main concern when purchasing an item for ourselves. We either buy the watch that is not fit for you or buying a cheap one which you will definitely regret  the second we step out of the store.

My recommendation is to wait and save.

Saving up for the right one is always the right way to go rather than buying by impulse.

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