3 Simple Steps to Make Someone Smile

Smile-keep-smiling-11813858-1280-1024Have you made somebody SMILE today?

If not, then why not? Everybody need to SMILE so that they can relax and take a load off.

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Make Someone Smile:

Say “Thank You!” and “Your welcome!”

“Thank You!” and “Your welcome!” are very powerful words that can uplift anyone. For it is a response that says you appreciate the person and what they have done for you, and recognize you as a person that is worthy of recognition.

Hearing “Thank You!” from a friend, sibling, parents and specially from stranger give you a warm feeling that can uplift your day or someone’s else day.

Tell them “You’re Looking Good…”

 I know this has happen to all of us in an event or occasion. A friend comes up to you and then says “Have you gain weight?” or “You look FAT…”. wouldn’t you like to just turn around and pretend he/she doesn’t exist or just smack one on his/her face.

 Telling someone, especially a friend that “You’re Looking Good…” will definitely bring a smile on their face. This will not only delight that person it will also compliment you for not being rude.


The best way to make someone smile is to SMILE with them.

If you haven’t know, smiling is contagious and it’s easily transmissible to others.

Try it out and see how it goes.

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