NSO Birth Certificate Serbilis Center

I’m not really fond of applying for an NSO copy of my birth certificate or my kids for that matter. But if it is really needed I will always drop a visit to the NSO Census Serbilis Pasig Center. Located at the back of the Pasig City Hall.

It only took me less than 30 mins to pay everything and wait for the print out. Now that is SERBILIS.

DSCN5163_wm[12]How to apply for an NSO certificate

1. Fill up an application form (ask the guard for assistance)

2. get a Community Tax Certificate. Go to the 2nd floor of the main City Hall Treasury Dept. and fill up on a piece of paper the following:

Complete Name
Marital Status
Birth date
Birth place
Gross Salary

now the amount will vary on your salary.

3. then go back down to pay for the LGU-NSO fee for PHP60.00 for birth certificate. Will vary for for other certificate.
4. then go to the next window for NSO payment which is PHP140.00. Will vary for for other certificate.
5. the last step is to wait on the releasing area, which will take only less than 20 minutes. Time will vary if the certificate have some issue like late registration or wrong imputed data.

Just remember if you (the requestor) is not the owner of the Birth Certificate, you’ll have to present a valid ID with picture of you and the owner and an Authorization Letter stating that you are authorize to request in his/her behalf.

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Not that I have anything ordering it online other establishment offering NSO services. But going to a Serbilis Center is more practical and the satisfaction you have the document on that day itself.

For NSO related concern please refer to NSO Hotline.

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