The Ten Courts of Hell: A Singapore Spot You Should Try

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One of the destination is the Ten Courts of Hell, located at Haw Par Villa.

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This is no ordinary tour destination for your belief will be tested. Well not exactly tested, but will it will give you an idea how people on the old days believes whats happens after you die. How your souls are judged base on your conduct when you were still alive, and how you will be punished and be resurrected.

The First Court of Hell:

Here the preliminary trials and each prisoner is jufge according to his deeds in his past life. The Good and the Bad are separated and recommends appropriate rewards and punishments. Punishments are done in other various courts.

The Virtuous will pass in the “Golden Bridge” and the ones with good deeds that over weigh their crimes will pass in the Silver Bridge to reach paradise.

While the evil ones be taken to a subsequent Courts of Hell to be punished.

Second Court of Hell

In the Second Court of Hell, crimes such as Inflicting physical injury, Con-men, Robbers are punishable by being thrown into Volcanic Pit

While corruption, stealing and gambling are punishable by frozen into block of ice. Being thrown into a pool of blood and drowned is given to prostitutes.

Third Court of Hell

If your guilty for being ungratefulness, disrespectful to elders, and had escape from prison your heart will be cut out. Talking about heart break.

Being tied to a red hot copper pillar and grilled is punishment for drug addicts and traffickers, tomb robbers and urging people into crime and social unrest

Forth Court of Hell

Pounded by stone mallet is the punishment for tax dodger or evader, refusal to pay rent, and committing business fraud. While being disobedience to one’s siblings and lack of filial piety will be grounded by large stone

“Wang-Si” Town
This accommodates those where were wronged and driven to their death. They would be asked to view how their enemies receive retribution. They would then be judged on their past deeds and given appropriate punishment.

Fifth Court of Hell

You will be thrown onto hill of knives if you had committed or plotted anothers death for his property and money or is a money lenders with exorbitant interest rates

Sixth Court of Hell

Cheaters, people who always cursing, and had abducted others will be thrown onto a tree of knives.

Your body sawn into two if you had misused books, possesses pornographic material, and breaking written rules and regulations and also had wasted food.

Seventh Court of Hell

Tongue will be pulled out for rumor-mongers, sowing discord among family members.

For rapist and driving someone to their death will be thrown into wok of boiling oil.

Eight Court of Hell

Intestine and organs are pulled out if you lack of filial obedience, had causing trouble for parents and family members and had cheat during examinations.

Harming others to benefit oneself  is punishable by body dismemberment.

Ninth Court of Hell

Head and arms are chopped off when you had committed robbery, murder and rape and any other unlawful conduct.
Neglect of the old and the young    Crushed under boulder

Tenth Court of Hell

Here there will be a “Wheel of Reincarnation” and the “Pavilion of Forgetfulness”.

After serving their sentences, the King on these Court will pass judgement and then brought to the “Pavilion of Forgetfulness” which will make them forget their past lives.

then they will go through the “Wheel of Reincarnation”. Depending on the prisoner’s past life, he would either be born as a human or an animal. Some will be rebirth into a life of ease and comfort and others into sorrow and suffering.

This is truly a tourist spot that everybody should visit and not the crowded city road.

Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, 118628
Phone:6872 2780

Tuesday hours 9:00 am–7:00 pm – See all
Transit: Haw Par Villa

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