Biak Na Bato National Park

Last February 23, 2013 around 6am, we head out to Bulacan to do a day trip/Ocular visit to not so familiar place for most Filipinos. Our destination Biak-na-Bato National Park in San Miguel, Bulacan.

The entrance is nothing special, small community will greet you on the way to the main gate. But behind those shanty houses is a heritage treasure that all Filipinos should have a chance to visit at least once in their life.

Taking a short breather before we start trailing again

With a total of 2,117 hectares that also cover other part of its neighboring towns. The park is consist of caves, rivers and rivers where historical figures had walk and took shelter during the WW1.

One of the suspension bridge and spot for rappelling

This is actually an ocular trip to gather information for next week group trip of mountaineers. So we gather as much information as we can and enjoyed a trails to the Bahay Paniki or Bat Cave.

Locals do have a strange way of encouraging to stay till noon so that we can see the huge number of bat flying. As in they will fly by you with no fear. Yeah right af if they will be fearing for their lives, they have the number and we have the blood.  I decided to pass.

A view from a far the Bahay Paniki or Bat Cave
Inside the Bahay Paniki or Bat Cave

Inside the Bahay Paniki is truly a spectacular site and feeling. If your not easily bother by smell then the inside is truly magnificent. The gorgeous rock formation and stalactite are truly breathtaking.

Just to bad for me, I was not able to join the group on the overnight, caving and rappelling trip the following week.

Entrance to the Bahay Paniki

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