5 Ways to Earn this Summer

Almost every day the temperature is getting hotter and hotter. But there is nothing worst this summer than being broke.

No CASH! it really suck may it be summer or not. But sitting your bum won’t change that. You need to get up and do something productive.

So here are 5 ways to earn extra CASH this summer

Open a Garage Sale

If your running low in capital, but have a pile of used clothes, toys, or items in your cabinet that you haven’t used in years. Chances are you won’t ever used it ever.

Better sell it.

Filipinos go crazy for a bargain. Just remember your not the mall so the lower the price the better for business.

A Proud Father I am

Go Online

Go online if you’re not the approachable type. You might be lucky selling your stuff online. Well, you’re already online doing Facebook and Twitter so why not go to the next step and earn from it.

Cool it with Halo-Halo

Use the heat this summer to earn… earn… earn… Nothing beats the summer heat than a cold refreshing glass of our favorite summer treat Halo-halo. With a small capital which you can turn-around easy as pancake. you will have earn triple by the end of summer.

Wash it down

Open a neighborhood car-wash with your friends, this is both fun, financially rewarding and a cool way to extinguish the summer heat.

Part-time Job

Nothing say hard earn money, if you sweat for it. There is a lot of community job you can do to earn. Just open your eyes.

You can offer your neighbor to clean their gutter, clean their pool, wash their car/s, or baby sit.

There are a lot of thing you can do to make your summer worthwhile.

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