Review: Bulalo Republic

Last Feb23, 3 of my friends and I went on an ocular visit to Biak-na-Bata National Park. On our way to the park we saw the famous Bulalo Republic and decided to stop and have lunch there later.

Later that day, about 1pm and on our way home, we stop at Bulalo Republic to try their specialty.

We ordered their specialty (jumbo size), which is good for 5-6 people.

The Ambiance

The ambiance is great for barkada lunch out and gimik. They also have a Koi pond on the side of their huts. They have a stage for bands to provide entertainment and their huts are arrange surrounding the stage for total entertainment.

If you want great Bulalo go to Bulalo-bah? Best Bulalo Ever

The Service

The personnel are accommodating and friendly and have a good sense of humor. Quick to response to customers request and always on the watch for any follow-ups and his get up is a bus conductor. Yes, waiters at Bulalo Republic dress up as other service providers like nurse, caregiver, police officers etc…

Our order was quick. Did not have to wait long which is good for our hungry stomach.

The Specialty

After lifting the pots cover and unveiling the 1.2kg of scrumptious and mouth watering boiled beef for our consumption.  Allan started slicing portions for us. I can see the effort that he is putting for the first cut, the fact that it is 1pm and the beef is still tough.

The soup is good, but a little to salty for my taste. We ordered the Bulalo with vegetables but it only have a few slice lettuce, a couple cuts of banana and potatoes which is a PHP50 higher than the plain bulalo with no vegetables.

All in all the food was not bad, the outdoor ambiance is great ( I really like it ) and the service was really awesome. Though only a couple of waiters only in their proper uniforms.

Jimmys Grill Special Bulalo (Lucena City)

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