Bulalo Bah? Seconds Please

Last weekend,  with a good friend of mine we had a quick run to Tanay for a second serving of Bulalo Bah?

Allan was not with us when I first went to Bulalo Bah? I was with Ramon and Wally with two models after a photo shoot. So he still haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the special bulalo of Bulalo Bah?

I was actually a little worried that the consistency of the bulalo will be a bit different from the first time I tried it. But that was all washed down when I had my first sip of the bulalo soup. Just the way I remembered it.

Bulalo Bah? Bulalo Nga!

We also have a little bonus from the owner. He gave us an order of Kinunot na Pagi.

A very delicious and exotic dish that is known from the land of Bicol. Kinunot or Hinimay (shredded)  in tagalog is something I have not tasted yet. Though the way it was cooked was not new. It is like cooking Laing a known Bicolano dish.

Kinunot is cooked with gata (coconut milk) and shredded pagi meat (stingray meat). It’s something that I will truly search or ordered when we go to Bicol in our upcoming road trip.

Happy Eating.

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