Why Men Want to Hang-out with Friends

Being a Man is Hard work. We need to be this and that all the time. We need to upheld a standard that we ourselves did not create, but everyone expect us to perform:

be a good Father
be a better Husband
be a best Friend
be Respectful
be a Gentleman

and those are just the peak of the iceberg.

That’s why we MEN need to have a time to ourselves and our friends to just hang-out. We need to have a time to let our shoulders down, let loose, do nothing, expect nothing and just be a man.

WHY? You ask why we need to have a time for ourselves or with our friends and WHY we can’t do it at home or with you (wife/partner/girlfriend).

1. because, women won’t stop asking WHY

We MEN are not that complicated to understand. MEN are direct to the point. We can answer question by YES or NO and don’t need an explanation to WHY it is. We try not complicate things. So asking as WHY is complicating things. When we try to answer your WHY question, we tend to over thinks things which complicate it. Will it her feelings? Will telling the truth get me out of the hook? Whats the question again?

Which always turns bad for us. So if you want us to be honest and I mean really honest with you, don’t ask us WHY for this will only make us LIE.

2. because with our buddies, there are no expectation

We can spend 4 hour with our friends without speaking a single word but still have a best day. We can bent out our frustration and dreams without getting any criticism that it’s to simple or to big.

3. because we can talk nonsense but we still make sense

not really sure how to explain this, but it happens.

4.  just BECAUSE, ‘nough said.

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