Belts That A Man Should Have

I remember my Father telling me to use a belt so that my pants won’t fall down. But for a 7 yrs. old kid, putting a belt is a hard thing to do.

Sliding the belt around your waist to all the belt-loops. The one on the back is the dreaded one of all, it’s really hard to slide it to the back belt-loop. Then when you have securely slide it all the way back to the front then there is the prong. The small piece of metal part of the basic square buckle that you slid on the hole of the belt to lock it in place. I always have a loose belt.

I always think why do we need belt when we can get a pants that is fitted correctly.

Then I grew up and knew better. A belt is the only accessory a man needs. It is not only a piece of leather that holds your pants up (true purpose), but it a symbol of how manly you are (thinking of Batman’s utility belt).

Types of Belt A Man Needs To Have

Casual Belt

premium-quality-canvas-elegant-casual-belt-130-250x250  leather-casual-belt-adaa-b-01-779592-250x250Casual Belts are for all any day no special occasion belts. They are mostly made from synthetic leather with a 1 1/2 inch in width.

Usually have a square buckles and prong to secure it.

This kind of belt usually goes best with jeans and shorts.

Formal Belt

leather-men-belts-fashion-genuine-leather-belt-cow-leather-belts-for-gifts-free-shipping-wholesale-fashionFormal Belt are all about the leather and the buckles. A plain, unfussy, slim, leather belt with a small buckle will be best suited for formal occasion. The usual width for a men’s formal belt is about an inch.

Color will always depend on your shoes. Black will go with black, white with white, and brown with brown. Outside these three color will be a casual belt.

Utility Belt

The Utility Belt or what most women call it as the manly belt.

Used for hard work, for it hold all the utilities, equipment, and gadget a man would need to accomplish a job. the best example of this is BATMAN belt.

But we all see this on a carpenters waist, a utility man on fixing your phone line, or a jogger with his water jug safely secure in his jogging belt.

Whatever your preference you have in choosing a belt, just make sure that it fits you well.

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