ICC Sticker on Motorcycle Helmet: RA 10054

Yesterday was the first day for the ICC sticker Implementation (RA 10054) for all motorcycle helmets nationwide.

So don’t be surprise to see a bunch of check points all over the metro. This is a way how the Government greets you a Happy New Year.

For me, I bought a new helmet so that I wont be forced to fall in line and only to told that “We are very sorry but all the stickers has been given away. Maybe next time.”


The funny thing about this law is that, the only thing that is required is the damn ICC sticker. I think they want us to think that having a sticker will keep us safe from accident. Then why was a group of Motorcycle rider with high-end helmet (helmets that every motorcycle riders wish they can afford for they are used by professionals) was not allowed to register their helmets. The reason was that their brand was not on their list.

Last year about August (if I’m not mistaken) a lot of riders rushed their way to any nearby DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) offices to register their helmet for a damn ICC sticker. The frenzy caused a lot of people out of their work, cause traffic and for some ended up on the nearby LTO office for their bike were towed.

The funny thing about this new LAW was that it was announced the end of June last year, but non of the rider last August knew about it.


I mean, if this will be a requirement why didn’t DTI  coordinated with every LTO offices and had their booth situated there. So that every rider can register their helmet when they are registering their motorcycle. A win-win scenario in my book.

For those who will be caught not wearing helmets with (registered) ICC stickers will be fine of P1,500 for the first offense and confiscation of their driver’s license. Violators will pay P3,000 for the second offense. Third-time violators will pay P5,000 and P10,000 plus their driver’s license will be confiscated for the fourth and succeeding offenses.

WOW! Is the only thing I can think of. Well the good news is that MMDA (not sure if it is updated) will only fine you PHP150 for not wearing a helmet.

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10054 :Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009

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  • January 4, 2013 at 4:34 am

    Laws, more fun in the Philippines 😀

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