After Earth Official Trailer HD

After the human race was forced to escape Earth form some cataclysmic event. After Earth is a A legendary General Cypher Raige played by Will Smith crash landed to a very dangerous Earth with his 13-year-old son Kitai played by real-life son Jaden Smith.

At the beginning of the trailer we see father and son wearing oxygen mask. Gen. Cypher calming his son Kitai so that he can breath normally then a strong force throws Gen. Cypher to the back of the ship.

A meteor hitting their ship cause them to crash land to Earth. A very different Earth. A very dangerous Earth.

With their ship in wreckage and Cypher injured, Kitai must make a journey of his life to retrieve their rescue beacon. Confronted with different evolved creature much dangerous for a young boy to confront alone. Now his must man-up and save their lives.

Can’t wait for June next year.

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