A Worry Free Stay at Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

Road trips with family and friends should be WORRY FREE and all you need to do is enjoy the trip and the company.

That’s why finding a great place to stay for the night is a necessity that should be planned carefully for maximum fun. That’s why if your going to spend the night in the South with Family’s and Friends specifically at Pagbilao, Quezon.

I recommend to spend it with Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant.

When my friend suggested to look for a bed and breakfast near the vicinity of Pagbilao. I went straight to my laptop and search Pagbilao + bed and breakfast and BAMMM!!!

A good location, room on the cliff over looking a relaxing view of the Tayabas Bay and most of all great food.

Located 6.5 km from the Maharlika Hi-way Pagbilao, Quezon. Silangang Nayon provide a quiet retreat from the busy city life and give relaxation a whole new meaning.

Who on there right mind wouldn’t fall in love with this place. A great view, relaxing scenery and great tasting cuisine that you will love to go back for more.

Experience a unique dining on a bamboo cottage on the shoreline. Which we all got to do after settling in and securing our things on our room, we head out to the shore to relax and get ready for dinner.

I went straight to the reception area to order our dinner in advance.

Heading down is a bit tricky but every trail down will eventually lead you to the bamboo cottage. Surrounded with bamboo trees dancing to the blows of the wind will truly give you a realization that you are in a place to relax and leave your worries for another day.

They even got their own zoo how cool is that.

They only got 4 rooms for maximum comfort for travelers staying for he night. They don’t want to over crowd the place for you comfort.

My friends and I took the room for 8 pax with breakfast for only Php4500 which amount to only Php562.50 each. Not bad for a great relaxing accommodation by the bay.

The room are spacious, have good facilities like the bathroom (with hot and cold water), extra beds are available upon request, personnel are very accommodating. A great deal for travelers with a budget.

The room below us is for 4 persons for 2500 (including breakfast).

Room for 8 pax with breakfast – PHP4,500
2nd Floor Room for 8 pax – PHP 4,500

You can ask for your breakfast menu in advance so that you won’t be deciding it early in the morning.

After having a good night sleep, well for most of use (other were snoring), we woke up for a sip of hot coffee.

For me I went down tot he bamboo cottage to take more shots.

We had our breakfast at 7am so that we can hit the road early and cover more grounds. I got the boneless bangus and a hot cup of coffee.

This is for sure, if we will be heading out to Pagbilao, first choice for a place to stay is Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

For reservation and inquiries:

email: silangang_nayon@yahoo.com


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