DIY: Flooded Motorcycle

153840292_Motorccle_Spark_Plug_jpg_sDo you hate when your all ready for work and dressed neatly. Then it happen! You’re car or motorcycle (in my case) won’t start because it’s flooded (not by rain pour).

You can actually verify it because the smell of gasoline will be very distinct.

This happen to me last week. I tried a couple of time pushing the start button (which is a no – no) and tried kick starting it with no success.

How does your bike become flooded

The only scenario that your bike become flooded is because someone played with your bike turned the throttle again and again. Which secreted gasoline to your carburetor. With no combustion happening the gasoline just accumulated and in turn flooded the engine, which then soaked the spark plug. A wet spark plug will not produce spark which will not burn and produce combustion in your engine.

How do you fix a flooded motorcycle

It’s really easy to fix a flooded motorcycle, that is if you have time and are ready to be dirty?

1. wait till the gasoline in the internal part of the engine evaporate

2. replace the spark plug

What you will need

  • Spark Plug (preferably a new one)
  • spark plug wrench
  • dry rags

1. remove any obstacle that can block you when removing the spark plug. I have a Suzuki Raider 150 so I remove the right side flap so that I can reach the spark plug cable;

2. remove the spark plug cable, use your screw driver if necessary;

3. place the spark plug wrench and carefully unscrew it;

4. don’t place the new spark plug just yet, let the gasoline evaporate for a while;

5. place the new/replacement spark plug in, make sure to secure it properly and then place the spark plug cable back and then try to re-start the motorcycle.

note: don’t place back the flap just yet, test it first so that if it doesn’t start you don’t have to remove it again

If doesn’t on your bike then re-evaluate. Do you have electricity?


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