Good new to munchers out there. BIG MUNCH Corn Chip has invaded you favorite stores to indulge your snack appetite.

I have been enjoying a pack for myself this past days and every time I open a pack it’s something I would want for my own. But I want my kids to enjoy it to so we share.

With the big serving size of Big Munch available in 110g and 28g, you won’t go hungry with every bite. It’s perfect for sharing for the whole family or barkada.

With different activities coming specially Filipino’s All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day, the BIG MUNCH is a good companion to those all day trip.

Enjoy in three different variant that are adopt to your different taste palette:


Taste the tortilla chip flavor topped with delicious melted cheese.


Get that extraordinary spice from the black pepper flavor.


My favorite. Indulge in the savory flavor of barbeque in every bite.

Prifood Corporation is a snack food manufacturer that is known in creating new products to meet, serve and satisfy the various tastes and ever changing demands of its market. Providing diverse products distributed all over the country, Prifood maintains a high level of standard in delivering what the Filipinos are looking for.


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